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National Students Prestigious Award (NASPA)

The National Student Prestigious Award is the highest and biggest annual award scheme on the students and educational front in the country. It’s set to celebrate the excellent work students, prominent corporate and private individuals, Governments, institutions do in promoting education. The aim is to give students, prominent corporate and private individuals, Governments institutions an opportunity to share best practices, showcase outstanding results, recognize the impact and what they do to make a difference to students in their everyday lives.



This category is for students’ right from the basic level to tertiary who are excelling in various categories in the educational sector. A nominated student in an accredited institution and should be ready to present the prove of studentship. This category has about 25 sub categories.


This category is for individuals who have distinguished themselves in an area of endeavor and also serve as an inspiration to students or are involved in mentoring young people positively. Academicians such as teachers, lectures and other senior members of educational institutions, Politicians, Chiefs as well as Religious Leaders also qualify to be nominated by a student. There are 11 sub categories here.


Only a student may nominate a corporate body for this category of the awards. Among other things, the selection Board will consider: how essential the service being provided by the entity is to students or education in Ghana, and how the entity has supported education through corporate social responsibility. 7sub categories make up this category