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National Students Prestigious Award (NASPA)

The NASPA is the highest and biggest annual award scheme on the students and educational front in the country. It’s set to celebrate the excellent work students, prominent corporate and private individuals, Governments…continue reading

Ashanti Region Music Awards (ARMA)

Ashanti Region Music Awards (ARMA) is an annual awards event that seeks to recognize musical talent in the Ashanti Region. It aims to recognize and celebrate the hard work and dedication of the various players in Ghana’s music industry through the…continue reading

National Young Achievers Award (NYAA)

The National Young Achievers Award (NYAA) is a national recognition platform designed to publicly honor exceptional youth between the ages of 15 – 35, who have excelled in various sectors of the country, with the hope of preparing them….Continue reading

National Start UP Awards (NSA)

The National Startups Award is an annual award ceremony that honors ambitious, hardworking and indigenous Ghanaian start-up businesses that are making impact, contributing to economic growth, meeting social…..Continue reading